Ross Haugberg & Paxton Haugberg

Ross Haugberg


Paxton Haugberg

We’re the Haugbergs and we are currently touring the world by bike! Ross dreamed up this trip and easily convinced Paxton it was something we needed to do. He was ready to leave two years ago after quitting his job in Colorado, but by Paxton’s wishes (and probably good judgement) moved to St. Louis. The intention was to build up our resumes, but ultimately it was a way to fund our trip and put off becoming ¨real adults¨ a bit longer. He is head cook, food rationer, photographer, and in charge of plugging in all electronics when electricity is to be had. He loves sandwiches, mushroom hunting, boats, and loons. Paxton easily convinced Ross to travel el mundo by bike. She got the bug for bike touring and unemployment after borrowing her dads bike for a week long tour after graduation. When she got a paycheck she bought her beloved Suly Disc Trucker and it has been her best impulse buy ever. She is the head navigator, route planner and pace setter. She loves maps, chocolate and street meat. We haul around a kilogram bag of sugar because of her. Convinently it goes on Ross’ bike.


January 2018 - March 2020  •  797 days

We started our trip in southern Chile and worked our way north towards Cusco, Peru on bike. From there we caught a flight to Europe and we’re figuring out where to go next! We also have an Instagram at